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Default Re: dont hate me for this question

Originally Posted by zap
Well, here on Fedora I use the livna pre-packaged RPMs and I never had any problems installing or upgrading them directly in X11 (even using the GUI package installer).
The installer needs to be able to load the new kernel module to make sure it works, which requires unloading the old kernel module first, which can't be done while X is running.

Maybe it would make sense to propose the user a reboot after installing the drivers from X11 (and perhaps issuing a warning before starting installation with X11 active), but I don't think forcing the user to install from the text console (many newbie Ubuntu users don't even know about it) is a good idea.
This isn't good enough, unfortunately, because there are many cases where Linux kernel modules may appear to build correctly but then fail to load. Currently, the installer will restore the old (working) kernel module if that happens, but if it forces a reboot, it can't do that and the user is stuck in text mode.

Or alternatively, maybe it makes sense for the nvidia installer to shut down X11 itself (after asking the user about it, of course) and doing everything in text mode without user intervention.
This would be a good solution, but the mechanism for starting and stopping the X server varies by distribution and it is, in general, impossible for nvidia-installer to kill the X server and make sure that it stays killed.

Anyway, it's just a usability question.
It's a usability question that it's ultimately up to the various distributions to solve.
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