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Default Re: 1080p 24Hz on PS3

Originally Posted by KoRnfR3ak
I'll soon be ordering a Samsung LCD HDTV (Euro models M87 Series or F86 Series), to hook up the PS3.
Does anyone knows if these Samsung models accept (and display correctly) 24Hz through PS3's Blu-Ray playback?
They supposedly both support it.

Have a read through the FAQ for the M87 here. Pretty sure the newer F86 does too.

If your considering the M87 price range, you should look towards the Sony Bravia 40V3000. It has a superior build quality compared to the M87 and supports 1080p /24p 101% as it's listed as a key feature for the set. You never know what your going to get with the M87, there are various different panels that they use and reports of banding issues, scart probs etc

Can't comment on the F86 although from what I have read in those forums, alot of owners are still experiencing banding issues and for that price range it might be worth considering the Toshiba Z series.
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