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Smile in response to nihongaeri...

Nick, thanks again for your posts. They are a pleasure to read. I much prefer an intelligent discourse to a flame war, and you are clearing things up masterfully.

Yes, with the information you supply I definitely concur: the Inquirer article was misinformed and misleading in parts. There is no reference to an "insider source" in the Japanese text, and (as I also pointed out) the box does lie within (the very last part of) 2002 and not at the start of 2003.

The Inquirer does qualify their statement in the next paragraph however. Which, taken together with Nvidia's official reply to the story as referred in the updated article, means that I don't think the article as such is misleading. But the PCWatch reference is wrong.

I do hope you receive a competent reply from Mr. Magee.

With respect,
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