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Originally posted by bahamot
can't remember the stock kernel version.
anyway why don't u use other kernel version?
the ck patches performs great on dekstop
RH9 was released with 2.4.20-8 and went to 2.4.20-9 shortly thereafter. The RH kernels have been rock solid for me. I've got boxes with months of uptime that only get rebooted when I install a new kernel. I might give it a go, as I'm running a custom kernel on my laptop due to the need for the ACPI patches, with RH doesn't support very well now. It's just one of those "it works so well other wise" things. I may also give the alsa route a shot, and see how that goes.

Either way, I've emailed NVIDIA and let them know of my disappointment. A large part of the reason I went with an nforce board was because of my experience with their video module. At least everything else is working well, especially the integrated gig-e.
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