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Default Re: New PC and Linux Compatability Question...

tbh my guess would be that right now you're going to have problems getting this to work:

- there's no drivers that support the 9800gx2 yet officially, the 171.06beta drivers might work, but I wouldn't count on it.
- I have no idea wether there's drivers that support your motherboard, the chipset has only recently been release right? (I'm not up to date on nvidia chipsets as I never used one)

You should probably see at least beta drivers that officially support the 9800gx2 in about 3 weeks or so (+/- 1 week) - that's how long it took for the 9600gt beta drivers to appear.
Eventually there's definetly going to be drivers judging from nvidia's track record, but right now nobody can really say exactly when they'll be released.
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