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Default My benchmark testing, what OC really does to crysis.

Hello, i just got the benchmark tool working. So i decided to test it out in crysis. I tested it on my old drivers first (pic 1) then downloaded the latest beta drivers 174.74 (pic 2). Then i wanted to see what Overclocking did to crysis(pic 3). Comments are welcome!

Well, here is my system and the results:

Intel C2D E8400
Geforce 8800GTX
2GB of ram
Windows XP pro

Here are the results:

Fist picture is taken with the old drivers and no overclocking.
Second picture is taken with the new beta drivers and i gained approximately 2.4 fps.
Third picture is taken with the new drivers and here i also overclocked my 8800gtx (pretty much as much as i could on the stock cooler) and gained about 4 fps.

Now, as you can see below i found this pertty interesting.

I figured out that going from 1280x to 1600x cost me as much as about 15 fps. Whyle staying at 1280x and adding 4xAA cost about 10 fps. Pretty interesting.

Conclusion, updating your drivers and adding some OC to your graphic card could raise your ingame fps by about 6 - 7 fps. And thats not bad if you run the game at 20, 20 and 27 fps is pretty much in crysis, anyway after my experience.

That's my 2 cents. I will do some more testing when i get a new CPU cooler so i can see what CPU overclocking does to crysis. Peace!
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