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Ok i thought it was working and then every thing has gone wrong. No i get errors of all kinds. Sound does work but if one program tries to use it at once then i get errors. I have been working on this for weeks. After trying a million diff steps and attempts from ppl on the net i decided it was time to do a reinstall of slack.
I am starting over and i am trying to install the drivers the way it says on nvidia web site. Last time i just enabled the nvaudio option in the kernel and not use the drivers from nvidia but like i said now i am having problems. Sound worked when i ran mandrake but i hate mandrake! I love slack except for this. If some one could answer directly my questions below i would be very grateful.
1) What the f**k is a unresolved symbol.
2)I installed from source which means that i must enable the nvaudio.o using modprobe or lsmod. I get errors when i type "modprobe nvaudio" saying "cant locate module" . This is odd bc i can locate it just fine and i am not a computer. Its in /lib/modules/2.4.20/kernel/drivers/sound/nvaudio.o. Why does it not know where the module is?
3)If i recompile my kernel there is an option for i810 audio/nvaudio, can i just enable that or do i still have to install the nvidia driver.
Some one help this slacker out.
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