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Default Re: My benchmark testing, what OC really does to crysis.

Originally Posted by H4yd3n
Yeah, I can't wait either.
If you wouldn't mind posting a link to the program you used it would be great.

I'll try and get a before and after, I just OCd my Q6600 to 3.01 ghz so I can do one now with that and my 8800GT and then one after with my Q6600 (maybe ocd higher) and my 9800GTX.

Again, those screenshots of yours are awesome. Very useful information.
Here is the programs you need man: - crysis benchmark tool - Rivatuner, multi monitoring (temps, loads, clocks, fps, fan speeds etc) aswell as a great OC'ing program, mainly the only one i use for overclocking and fan controlling my graphic cards. It also provides any information you want on screen ingame, just like fraps but better Very usefull

Then these, maybe you have them already but i'll post them anyway: - Cpu-z - Gpu-z
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