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Default re: dont put ati down!??!?!?!

I'd like to clear some stuff about ati on how ppl think ati SOLVED thier problems by drivers or bios updates... first of all.... when you buy a car it doesnt come with a warning... dont go over 120km/hr.... or when you go over 120 it doesnt stall and go up in smoke and you are not suggested to not go over 120km/hr by the manufacturer... its like promising user a product... and not delivering...

like you dont go to order a big mac combo... and the restaruant gives you half the burger saying.. sorry it couldnt be helped.

Ati's new bios that fixes the problem.. simply in a way clocks down the card with memory... and disables the second display.

Ati was smart to overclock thier retail cards to get "artificial" performance... knowing the 4x loophole wiht via boards... now that the via boards support 4x agp in xp with 4in1 4.4.1 ati cant help crashing... only way ONLY way you can stabilize a 8500 is to CLOCK IT DOWN. and i refuse to do so... thats why i got rid of the card.

clock it down by bios update (ram timing changed to crap)
or use older drivers that did not support 4x.

there are a lot of people who will say ok.. to stabilize the card its ok to DOWN clock my card...

but if the box said 275/275. I aint clockin it down.

And i wondered why my company dropped ati for thier graphics cards/chips.

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