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Default eForce 6200 LE Issue

Afternoon - I believe that I have an issue with a new eForce 6200 LE (AGP), and I'm not sure how to resolve it (short of getting a new card)

It runs great 99% of the time. But, once an evening, after I fire up with Flight Sim 2004 or World of Warcraft, the system will just *hang*. I have to reset or power-cycle the box to get it to come back.

After that, it's generally good for the evening and I can play WoW or Flight Sim for hours.

I ran the monitor, and it doesn't appear that the card is over heating, but as it's a 6200 (without a fan) I'm concerned that it could be that.

If anyone here could suggest a diagnostic tool, or a course of action, that might help - I'd appreciate it.

System Config:
OS: Windows XP SP2
Memory: 2GB DDR2 533mhz
CPU: Intel Celeron 3.2gHz
Motherboard: PCCHIPS P23G v3.0 (AGP video, Socket 775)
PSU: 350W
Sound: Using mobo sound
Network: USB Wireless Adapter



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