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Default Cheapo Q6600 build

So I built this as a dedicated folder.

CPU: Q6600 G0, $199
HS: TRUE, $57
MB: GA-G31M-S2L, $66
RAM: 2x2GB DDR2-800, $85
Case: Dynex mid tower w/ 500W PSU, $20
Wifi: Linksys W-USB54G, $40
HD: 40GB HD from old laptop, $0

Total: $467 plus tax

The great thing is I have this sytem running at 3.6Ghz (9x400) while running two FaH SMP clients, so the CPU is at 100%.

The only thing I'm a little worried about is the crappy PSU, it would suck if that thing blows and takes out the rest of the hardware with it. I was looking at one of these to put in there instead... what do you think, is it worth the extra $75?
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