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Default Re: Nvidia support for Xen

Originally Posted by Linrox
Which un-official nvidia-xen patches are you speaking of, and is there a download / tut for installation?
Once upon a time, i used the following one, but it is pretty out of date:

This one is newer, but probably also not the most recent one:

There is also a success report for Fedora 8 with 169.07:

Anyway, it typically needs some manual adjustment to get things
going. I recommend using the search function of the forum with "xen"
as the keyword for more details.

BTW.: anybody ever tried KVM with 3D on the host system?
The hack for 3D on the guest that i once did
is certainly not a good solution for production systems. I think
the best variant would be if there would be a special driver
for the guest os that directly talks to a proxy process on the
host which in turn does the actual hardware access - this
is a little bit like AIGLX.


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