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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

And one looking out over the bump mapped wing into a dawn sun please!! No one does bump mapping better than RealAir.

Silly, I know I've mentioned it before but I'll mention it again. I know how much you love the sim so I think you might want to check out the buttkicker gamer. The spitfire would be flat out incredible with it.

I'm posting a video review from Sim Racing Tonight. At the end is a coupon for a net price of $49.99.

For that price you get a sturdy alumininum and steel low frequency effects transducer and a 100watt amplifier. Basicaly, think of it as a sub subwoofer that doesn't have a speaker cone. 10 to 250hz is it's freq range, in games/sims I set it to 10-40hz. It's awesome having incredible bass without making virtualy any sound. People in the next room won't hear it, and it doesn't bother anyone in the room with me.

It has to be felt to be believed, I use it in flight sims, race sims, and shooters. Being in a flight sim and feeling the engines in your chest is awesome. You can feel the thump of gear and sometimes even flaps. It requires no device drivers, it's a passive device that is placed inline with your audio out. Naturaly, there is no performance hit.

I'm gonna start racing in racing sims again, just ordered a copy of ARCA Sim Racing. It's cool in race sims. You feel the road, engine, backfires, etc.
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