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Default Re: dont hate me for this question

Aaron thanks a lot for replying here, I read this earlier and thought to myself exactly as stated earlier: well I didn't have to shut down X in Fedora when installing the livna packages... I've had no issues at all and the packages have even updated twice since then using regular system update to the 169.12 driver but I'm questioning whether there are underlying issues which I simply haven't noticed.

Obviously since my system is stable and everything runs great I'm not concerned about it. Given what you said I'm questioning why and how it all worked great... so I have a question about the installer in general:

Rather than trying to kill X can't the nvidia installer simply check if x is alive and require it be killed before the install?

This would avoid the fiasco of trying to kill x in different ways to accomodate all the different distributions out there. A pop up message could display a few different ways to kill x to help out with the most common distros.

There has to be a somewhat elegant method to get this done and reduce install issues for everyone involved especially new folks.
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