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If your distro uses devfs and devfsd, then adding the alias for char-major-195 won't help. The alias has to be for /dev/nvidia* instead.

A request can't come in to the kernel on a character device with major 195 unless that device already exists. With devfs, the device isn't created until the module actually loads, so you get a catch-22. But most of the time, devfs is set so that any access to a file under /dev tries to modprobe that filename (which won't be a module, but you can still alias to it). So if you add the alias, it should work.

Note that Mandrake ever since at least 8.1 is the only distribution that I know for sure uses devfs. RedHat might now, but I'm not sure. To check, if almost everything under /dev is a device file (shows up in yellow on the default color ls output), then you're not running it; ignore me. If most stuff comes up as a symlink (cyan in the default color ls output), then you're running devfs, try this.
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