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Default Anyone have a PCI-Express card they'd like to donate?

Okay, so my friend, who is an extremely financially challenged (but very sharp) graphics programmer has spent his whole life programming on essentially salvage grade computers (old pentiums/k5s) with absolutely no graphics acceleration. However, he's just come into a very, very nice Athlon X2 3600+ machine ( I gave it to him ) -- however, it has a GeForce 6150SE integrated piece of ****. He really, really wants to start writing some 3D accelerated, modern code (he's been reading about all these advanced algorithms online), but he doesn't have the hardware to write it and actually enjoy it.

So, I was wondering, does anyone here have a semi-decent/decent PCI-express video card that they'd like to donate to my friend? I don't have any spare PCI-E cards, so I can't help him, and I'm broke too...

Thanks, all...

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