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Default Re: Q9450 high idle/load temps (2 of them)

Originally Posted by CaNiBuS
Well, I have 2 Q9450s and on one of them 1 core idles at 32c and the other 3 are at about 47. Under load the 3 go up to about 55c on stock speeds. On the other 3 cores idle at about 42c and one is at 50c. I've tried reseating the heatink, tried different thermal paste, etc.

I put my Q6600 in and the temps are normal. The Q6600 idles at about 34c (on all 4 cores) overclocked to 3.4ghz. I am using a ThermalRight Ultra 120 extreme. I've tried Arctic Silver 5 and MX-2.

This sucks.......
How exactly are you measuring the temps? Some times inaccuracies can occur due to the way you take the temps.
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