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Default Re: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Nonetheless, it is now better than ever. All the bugs are worked out and it runs very smoothly. If anyone is looking for an MMO to hold them over until AOC or WAR, check this out. I play on the Sartok server as "Saltarg." All of the servers are merged into four now, so, population is very high. Give it a try.

75% of the team working on it got fired. A few of the wiser ones remaining (Diplomacy guy, the Lore guy) have got up and walked. A handful got hired by Mythic and Paul Barnett was quoted as saying "They were like frightened rabbits caught in headlights when they came here". Nobody has been hired to replace those people, except for a few interns doing menial tasks.

The crazies that are still working on the game are overworked. A fortnight ago, when a select few were given their veteran rewards, everyone on all the servers got them in error. Mistakes like that only happen when YOU'VE GOT NO QA.

Guess what? Vanguard HAS NO QA.

Ellyra, Vanguards Community Rep and board Admin, wanted to round up a group of players (4 or 5) to play with last Friday night. Guess what? Nobody turned up. After a week of asking on the forums, nobody turned up. She said she got a pickup group to help her, but you know what, I don't even believe that. I think she tried for an hour then logged off because nobody was around. I couldn't blame her.

I could go on and on with these stories. Vanguard has got a shed load of them.

Vanguard has less bugs, and the performance has been addressed. I'll give you that. But it's taken nearly a year to do that. Hell, they only just figured out how to add helms last month, and could only do that by removing all the facial customisations. They haven't got any funds coming in, and they aren't spending anything on re-hiring badly needed staff.

Vanguard is in a coma, and nothings going to change that.
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