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Default Re: dont hate me for this question

Originally Posted by txf
Any chance that in the future the nvidia installers use dkms? It seems like a pretty decent solution. When I upgrade my kernel dkms automatically builds the module before loading the xserver.

On my ubuntu system envy and the repo packages use dkms. Its pretty neat watching it automatically building the kernel module when I upgrade or install new kernels
Fedora 9 (actually, via the repository ) will use something quite similar named akmods (for automatic kmods) see here:
This not only permit to build a kernel module but also a rpm "on the fly" when there is a new kernel update. It allow to redistribute the rpm with all workstations in the neighborhood. (no need to install a compiler and kernel-devel on many host).
This remains compatible with our pre-built packages scheme (kmod-nvidia etc..).

The main advantage is to allow to have packaged nvidia.ko with either custom kernels or kernel-rt (available at planetccrma) and others.
The pre-requirement remains to have a kernel packaged (with rpm). And as it is easier to have rpm'd kernel (IMO)... But the framework is portable for others distributions (using kmodtool).

About what I've been said above. I never had any problem when upgrading the driver version on a session. But indeed, I haven't waited too much time to have to see what was the improvements(/regression) with the new driver which leads to a quick reboot.
I will try to see what can be improved in this domain. (update on next boot/shutdown handled by yum/rpm ?! I think something similar might be on schedule ).
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