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Default Re: Cant get X running on 7-Stable/i386! (with both 162.12 or xf86-nv-2.1.8)

Ah ok.. So the soft power off still works by holding the power button down for about 4 seconds?

My old mainboard would just freeze when I put some load on it (even without X).
Holding the power button down for 10 seconds wouldn't turn it off.
Heck, even the reset button didn't do anything anymore.

As for your lockups.. For the past week I've seen a lot of postings on the freebsd-x11 mailinglist. It seems there were some issues with moused, hal and xorg-server.
One issue that bit me was X detecting the same mouse twice the other are things fully locking up.

AFAIK this has been resolved after April 3rd so you could try updating your ports tree and rebuild hal and xorg-server.
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