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Smile BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch 1.41

Welcome to the public version 1.41 of the BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch.

This new version adds vSync support for the Vista users, a configuration wizard, and fixes for a memory leak that caused some random hangs in the game. Therefore, it's an highly recommended update !

I still haven't my Q9450, so, i haven't added the SSE4 code to the patch yet.

The configuration wizard will ask you some basic questions about your hardware, and then it will auto-select the best options for your config. Only your gfx card is relevant to enjoy the game to the max. Therefore, i have divided the main gfx cards in four groups, based on their video memory bandwidth. A multi-core CPU will help you to enjoy smoother perlin effects (water, blood, wave pools, ...), but won't help you with the frame rate.

Finally, about the 'BloodRayne 2 HD' project, the development has started, and i have developed a tool called 'podExplorer', that helps to the artists to extract/insert textures from/to the game. I need more artists to help me to replace the original textures of the game with new high resolution versions. If you can contribute, please, contact with me. As sample of the project, i can show you the difference with this pic:

Special thanks to the game developers & publishers (Terminal Reality & Majesco) for allowing me to release this patch.

Thank you very much & enjoy playing with Rayne !
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