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Default Re: Who needs Vista, when Windows 7 is coming next year.

Originally Posted by crainger
Oh there is. He can see LCD flicker. ::

I think the trouble is he sees tearing with vsync off, turns vsync on and things slow down. Obviously hasn't discovered Triple Buffering or D3D Overrider.
I've have those very same things you just mentioned on and with 60hz, it was still pathetic. And whoever doesn't run Triple Buffering while vsync is on is a complete retard.

It's not flickering, it's screen lag, like after images. My solution fixes that problem in XP. I was just informing people of my discovery. I SEE the difference, so it's not just talk. And Vista does have a bug, and the current solutions are not addressing it. Vista doesn't hold refresh rates, it's a known fact it doesn't. And that's a pretty serious issue for gamers.
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