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Default It doesn't matter about a month from now...

Here's a clear case of why closed source drivers
is a bad idea. You aren't waiting 1 or two months
for a driver. You've been waiting for over a year.
the 2.5 series has been out for a long time now
and nvidia has never relased drivers for it.

nvidia should stick to make hardware and just
release the specs. If they did that then:

1) the nvidia chipsets would *already* be supported
in 2.6 kernels.

2) the nvnet driver would *Already* be supported
in 2.6 kernels.

3) They wouldn't have to pay people to write drivers
for minority operating systems.

4) they wouldn't have to pay to keep this forum up.

5) they wouldn't lose customer faith by being late
to market. YES, nvidia is *LATE* to market.
My matrox products are all already supported in

closed source drivers from hardware companies is
just simply a poor idea.

What hardware companies need to learn, and it
seems an impossible task for them, is: You don't
have to spend money to support a hardware
product under minority operating systems. You
just have to release the specs AND they can even
then say "WE 100% POSITIVELY DO NOT,

And you get better drivers written more quickly
for free.
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