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Default Re: HP with Nvidia Geforce Go 6150 linux problem

yes thats true it was easier installing ubuntu gutsy on a desktop.

I have a compaq V3155AU laptop with a nvidia GO6150 gfx card.

Problems i faced.. 32 bit Ubuntu just wouldnt install.. got stuck at the blinking cursor state after start/install has been initiated.

However the 64 bit ubuntu gutsy gibbon could be managed by me,though it was very frustrating thanks to the gfx card which was corrupting the display(although the mouse pointer still moved!) in the prelim stages of starting the "live" disk b4 installing.

i chose F4 at the start and chose 800*640 resolution with 32 bit and after that in the start install option i chose the 3rd option that is the "SAFE GRAPHICS MODE".

and this time it led up to the slow but happy start of the 64bit live cd.once the desktop came.. installing is easy.

Unfortunately this only worked with the Gutsy 64bit cd not the 32bit one
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