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Question Geforce FX 5800 in my rig: hot or not?

Sorry about the subject... I couldn't really come up with a decent one.

Now... the thing is, I'm desparately in need of cash. A solution to this is to flog me 9800 Pro, which I have been offered 260 for.

Now, the replacement for it would be a reference FX5800, which I picked up on Ebay a while back (more a novelty purchase at the time)

I'd like to gather opinion as to how this would perform in me rig (spec in sig), and whether it would be a massive drop off in performance.

I'm not a massively hardcore PC gamer, most games I run at 1024x768 with some eye candy on (usually 4xaa and 4xaf with the 9800)

Keeping the 9800 isn't really an option as I need cash (bills to pay, etc), so any feedback on 5800 would be appreciated.
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