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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter
mullet, any news on your OC adventure?
Well. I am kinda bummed but I think its down to the inadequate BIOS. I got to 440x8 but I had to run the voltage to high on just about everything. I am back to 425x8 for now. The ram I am running now the stability changes with every bios update. One update I can run 4:5 then the next I can only run 3:4 its all over the place with the Bios's. I will just have to wait. I did order some G-Skill (I still laugh at that name) 2x2 8500 and vista. There has been good feedback with G-Skill and my board so maybe I will get to 450. People are hitting different walls on the FSB depending on the board and bios.
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