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Default So interesting problem with 8400M G on acer 5520G

Hi everybody.
I have an interesting problem with my nvidia card.

With 169.12 driver ;
when graphic card working at performance level 0,
My X server freezes if I try to move a window or open a divx in GNOME.
(Only X freezes with losing keyboard control, system goes properly.)
(System is not aware of this freezes, no log, no kernel messages...)

But if graphic card works at performance level 1 or 2, no any problem.

"Nvidia X server settings" from "applications->System tools" menu in gnome desktop shows this performance levels and related frequency values:

performance level 0: 169MHz GPU / 100MHz Memory
performance level 1: 275MHz GPU / 200MHz Memory
performance level 2: 400MHz GPU / 400MHz Memory

Is performance level 0 (169MHz/100MHz) too slow for system stability?
Which one is controlling this values? "Nvidia's BIOS" or "nvidia's DRIVER" ?
Should I update nvidia card's Bios?
What should I do about this problem?

My card is "nvidia 8400M G"
My laptop is "Acer 5520G"
I'm using Fedora 8 and its up to date.
A detailed description of my problem is here:

Please write your suggestions...
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