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Default Re: Errors Installing BFG 6200 OC on a Fedora 8 i686 32bit machine. Please Help!

Originally Posted by NvFuchs
3) tell us which nvidia driver (nvidia, not nouveau nor nv)
you installed, how you installed it (READ the sticky)
and create a nvidia-bug-report file as mentioned in the
other sticky thread ( )

Problem is I don't think i have an 'nvidia' driver installed because I did try changing my driver to 'nvidia' in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and it gave me the same Kernel Panic error i get when i don't edit the xorg.conf file.

and the 2nd link you gave is hard for me to understand, im not 100% with the file system yet, I'm new to Linux and I am used to win32 based file systems. I am getting the hang of it but I am not clear on what zander was talking about in that sticky thread.
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