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Default Re: OpenSuse 10.3 installatin failed

Originally Posted by jamjag
Hello all!


1. I added the NVIDA server to the repositories.
2. I selected and installed the x11-video-nvidiaG01 package.
I'm not shure what you did here. Normally, I go the the Nvidia website, download a driver, enter level 3, run the installer script, test, reenter level 5 and am done.

Originally Posted by jamjag
After this I'm not sure how to proceed. In SaX2 I get the information that my card is the "VESA Framebuffer Graphic". I don't know whether I can change anything. Furthermore I started the system in Runlevel mode 3 and tried to start the installer directly but unfortunately the sh command couldn't find the installer file.

Does anyone know what's my fault? I'm quite sure that it shouldn't be a big problem to install the driver.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

VESA graphics basically means the driver isn't installed.

There are several ways to invoke the execution of a shell script. Did you set the downloaded shar to -x? In my opinion this is the easiest way to execute it.
In the latest driver releases nvidia-xconfig does a much better job of configuring driver and X-server than it did before so no need to fiddle with SaX anymore (it might still be useful one way or another ).

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