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Default Re: Geforece Go 7600 fan problem

Originally Posted by nvnews-annexion
I recently felt brave and decided to install Toshiba's Satellite P100 BIOS v4.2 (released 11/21/2007).
This doesn't work for me... Satellite P100 (PSPAGE), bios 4.20:
~$ nvclock -T
nVidia Geforce Go 7900GS
=> GPU temperature: 105C
=> Board temperature: 87C

Along with some other DSDT hacks, I did your Store (0x3C, \_SB.PCI0.LPCB.EC0.VTMP). Simply no change from before: when overheated and rebooting, gpu fan starts blowing like a tornado, and dies off instantly when X starts (just before the nvidia logo pops up).

Then it never starts up again, and here i am with a > 100 celsius GPU.

I did manage to have the gpu fan spinning constantly until kernel 2.6.23 (i think), and hacking VTMP had nothing to do with it. Does this still work for you? What kernel?
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