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Default Re: Geforece Go 7600 fan problem

Later findings: this _IS_ an nvidia driver issue. Fan goes on and off without the nvidia driver.

In tty or when running X with the nv driver, it gets hot up to ~90 degrees, then fan kicks in, brings it down to ~70, and so on. Now the DSDT has a Store (0x1E) in the VTMP, both under NVIF() and _REG(), but I'm really not sure if it makes any difference (should try running vanilla DSDT without the nvidia module).

I've been testing this with 169.12, 169.09, 100.14.19 and the legacy 96.43.05. Under all of them, fan suddenly stops at starting X when the nvidia module takes over.

Still, I do remember a time when the fan would stay constantly running. What's different from back then, is that without a hacked DSDT (the vista OSYS test), fan would stop instantly when the kernel acpi loaded.

With a hacked DSDT, I'd have to overheat the gpu under linux, boot under windows (while the bios-controlled fan was blowing like crazy), reboot back to linux, and the fan would keep running. But that was back then.

Guess I'll file a bug report and test something older from the 100.xx series.
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