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Default Re: Q9450 high idle/load temps (2 of them)

Seen the same thing looking around and experienced it myself:

With Realtemp idle temps are:
34 34 32 36

Running 20 mins of Prime95 v25.6 @4 Threads making all four cores go 100% load:
46 46 45 47

EVGA 790i
q9450 OEM
Thermalright Ultima 90 w/Scythe s-flex 63.7CFM 120mm 1600rpm fan
Artic Silver 5

Seems some people can fix the problem by reseating the Cpu.
Read around abit and saw the same thing that Amuro said.

Everest and coretemp both show high temps, but so does the bios.

It did OC rather well, no voltage increase needed, went to 450x8 which brought me to 3.6ghz. Ran 3d mark and games stable. Just wish I could see proper temps.
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