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Default No boot X on startup; startx works

I have an X86-32, Nvidia 8600GTS, Kubuntu 7.10, kernel 2.6.22-14-generic, KDE, compiz 0.6.3, emerald 0.3.0-svn and Nvidia 171.06 (beta) for Linux x86/x86-64 drivers. When I boot it boots only to a login shell, and I then have to use startx, which boots X, compiz and emerald fine. My question is how can I get it to boot straight through X without having to login and use startx.

My xorg.conf was generated in the nvidia 171.06 install, and looks correct. I do not see any warnings or errors in Xorg.0.log.

I had a lot of trouble getting all this to work, and during the course of this installed non-Nvidia drivers and GL software. I had also previously installed the 169.12 for Linux x86/x86-64 released drivers, which I couldn't get to work with compiz, tho that could have been my error(s). I have since tried to remove previous non-NVidia and Nvidia software but it's possible I missed something. I know Xgl is not present.
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