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Default nforce 600 series, where is the GL support?

I have a main board from 600 series
when I visit support page
and enter my card info I get this

No downloads were found for your configuration.
does this mean, go away we had fooled you!
so as the man there said, does this mean that nvidia kicks us [Linux users] out again

I've browsed the list of supported card in 169.12 driver manual appendix
and even the beta driver version of 170something

and I'm using Fedora 8, and driver from rpm package version 169.12
and livna repository
every thing works good
and lspci lists the cards correctly after I run
as root

The nvidia logo appears and works fine
but no GL at all

glxinfo | grep direct
Error: glXCreateContext failed

I can understand having "no", to mean that my card is not supported but what does this mean


Error: glXCreateContext failed

I can understand small fps but what does this mean ?

please reply, before I submit my review of this card
I'm a very active Linux community member.

marking this card as "Doesn't Work"
or "Requires 3rd Party Drivers"

this depend on your reply
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