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Default need help with clocking pls ;)

i was just hoping if u guys can help me with CPU overcloack, cause i tryed, i really did, i checked guides, tutorials and that.. but i cant do it alone, my BIOS is strange :\
pics of my configuration




okay now, my plan is to get CPU to 2400-2500, and to be stable ofc
i had few phailes, i got multyplier (or w/e it is and how u write it ), to 220 (200 is default)
its working on 2200 but its not stable
next try was getting it on 2500, ram was on 832
without changing voltages, it booted, but when entering windows i had some errors about missing/corrut files
after i set CPU voltage on 1.4 - 1.5, and RAM 2.0-2.1
it didnt boot, so i had to reset it.. anyway every one of my tries didnt work well

i have pic of my BIOS

so um, some1 mentioned to me some HT, or smth, i cant find that in my bios

if any1 can explain what i have to do here i would be grateful
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