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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

The i386 port seems to work fine without these features.

Two of the 5 main requests features are for > 4 GB machines only. While I realize that people would scream bloody murder if the driver only works up to 4 GB I don't see how having no driver is better. I volunteer to scream back at them.

I am not in the mood for software archeology right now but I bet that Linux got the NVidia driver for x86_64 long before all these features were implemented, too.

I understand NVidia's desire to not having to introduce a whole bunch of #ifdefs for FreeBSD/amd, while at the same time taking FlaK for lower performance and not being able to run with > 4 GB. Point taken in advance.

But NVidia has to understand that my money is on ATI now that they did follow through with releasing documentation that is actually useful for implementing drivers. While I realize that it will take some time for driver to be as usable as they need to be for me, there is no way that I "reward" ATI's efforts by buying NVidia cards in the meantime, even during the time when they are still more useful.

Aside from all that, NVidia Linux driver quality, which I have defended in many public posts over the years, is really down in the dumpster now. It seems to me that the development and QA capacity available for the NVidia Linux drivers is now being crushed in that cube of increased complexity feature-wise, more diverse user usage scenarios and wider range of "supported" hardware, both vertically (more generations) and horizontally (more crazy features like partially shared host memory, X2 cards, SLI etc.).

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