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Originally Posted by Soetdjuret
Useful information here, thanks. One question tho... Can the cards be of different revisions? Like A2 and A3, i am getting an Evga KO AC3 version to use with my regular GTX.

Oh, and can i use different clocks for the two cards? Like the Evga card would probably OC better than my leaktek one.
You wont be able to use different clocks, the speeds will automatically sync.

One guy at XFX support claims that if you use two cards with different clocks the faster one will downclock to match the slower one:

Witch am i supposed to believe?
I've heard tons of people say this and yet every motherboard I've tried it on it's depended on which slot you put which card in... may be it's been changed or maybe some motherboards are this way and others not....I have a friend with an EVGA 8800GT, I'll have to borrow it and double check this with newer boards but I know for sure this was how it worked with the EVGA, ABIT and ASUS NF4 motherboards I had and people said the same thing then.


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