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Default Re: Blood/Ragdoll Mod works with Patch 1.1?

Well, I must have done something wrong, because it sets all my graphics settings back to Low! I'm using Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Sword's Custom Crysis Configs [Triple "C" Pack] version1.31. I installed the ragdoll mod after CCC, and it resets everything to Low....I don't know whether its because options I picked in the ragdoll mod or what...

Edit: After uninstalling both CCC and the ragdoll mod, and reinstalling them, with the ragdoll being first this time, it *does work, at least I think. Ragdoll sems to work quite well for the most part, and CCC is either working, or just the Time of Day feature is; hard to tell. All options read "High" rather than "Custom" (as they usually do with this mod, leavingm e to believe large parts of it are actually off). Anyone who'd care to help solve this, I'd be happy to assist.

Edit 2: Well, somehow it seems ot have fixed itself.
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