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Originally posted by MikeC
The videos were recorded at a resolution of 1024x768. It's important that your desktop be sized large enough so that the videos are being played at 1024x768.

In Windows Media player, I have to use a desktop resolution of 1600x1200 to view the 1024x768 video at which point I see a large black border around the video during normal (not full screen) playback.
Or you could just use WMP 6.4 (not the wmp7+) and hit alt+2. This would play the video at full size whatever the screen resolution.

After more than 3 years and 3 more versions, i still prefer the basic WMP 6.4. Much simpler, less resources taken and more of the functions i need (like right size of the video, not that automatic resize). The best part? The wmp6.4 is STANDARD with all windows version past win98 SE. It hangs around in a directory (/program files/media player or something), for compatibility reasons, but not linked.

That allows to play full size in an much easier way...
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