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Default Re: Anyone have a PCI-Express card they'd like to donate?

I hate to say this, because I do pity your friend... But if he's looking to get into programing graphics . . . then the integrated card is just fine for whatever he puts out. Honestly, its not really even possible to code something equivalent to quake 3 by yourself anymore. The engines that are complex take forever to code (4-6 year turnover with teams working on it), so even if he did get a slightly better graphics card, it wouldn't matter.

Not to mention, if he can make code run on integrated graphics, then it will run even better on discrete graphics! Smart developers will code on hardware that is not too fast just so that they know it will run better on real machines. HL2 was coded with workstations with geforce 4 cards, a whole generation behind (almost two by the time it came out).
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