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Default Re: Wich driver is the one for me ?? Help !!

Yes, this is a segmentation fault.
Happens when an application wants to get / write
on memory it shouldn't.

Hard to trace why this happens, usually this is either
a version / library conflict, bad RAM or bad programming.

In your case I guess it is a lib / version conflict,
between nvidia driver and nvidia OpenGL libraries.

The installation of the nvidia driver failed,
as you tried to run it while running X.

Either you install it with a debian package,
but then you have to install the correct glx package as well,
or you remove the left overs of the debian provided modules / libs,
stop the X server (either switch to a non-X runlevel
or stop xdm/gdm/kdm via the init script) and install it
with the nvidia-installer, which should install the driver
and the libraries, and the nvidia-bug-report script.

You probably have a semi-complete installation,
with a nvidia module but no openGL libs
and no additional nvidia scripts/software.

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