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Default Laptop support for 9500M GS chip

Hi all.
I need to know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if I can buy a Laptop (ASUS) with a NVIDIA 9500M GS chip. For doing it, I need to know if they will be available 2D/3D accelerated drivers for Linux (2.6.x), and eventually WHEN they'll be available.
Because of the fact that this Notebook is strongly discounted for few days.

NVIDIA customer support told me that :

I am sorry to inform you that, as of now we don’t have the NVIDIA drivers for 9 series of graphics cards for laptops, i.e. for both Windows and the Linux Versions. If the laptop is shipped with the Linux OS then the driver will be provided by the laptop manufacturer.
I would also like to inform you that the display drivers for notebook GPU's are custom made for the notebook make and model they are used in to support some of the hot plug n play features your notebook supports. For this reason, the desktop Forceware display drivers which are available on our website will not work on your notebook. We are sorry; however you will have to contact your Laptop manufacturer.

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