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Default Re: Re: Geforce FX 5800 in my rig: hot or not?

Originally posted by extreme_dB
You tell us! You're the one with the 5800 just collecting dust.

Pop it in your case and test it out. If it's sufficient (I think it will be) then the decision is made for you.

Now it's my turn. I'm thirsty...should I walk all the way to the kitchen for a drink, or just lick the condensation off the nearby window?
I probably asked for that... hehe

Seriously... thanks for the help, guys. I'm gonna pop the 9800 Pro to its new owner tomorrow, and then install the 5800. Again, many thanks... I know I'm a relative n00b (when it comes to the FX, at least), that's why I was just wanting to gather opinions from other 5800 owners.

And yes, it's a credit card bill... can't avoid paying them.
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