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Angry Multiple X Screens with nVidia GeForce 4 Ti and Suse Linux 8.2 - big problem

hi folks! i am a new linux user and have big problems configuring my two displays with my nvidia card and suse linux 8.2. the trouble is, whatever I do, i can't use the two screens as separate ones, the only thing I get is I can't start the KDE session anymore or if both screen run there is only a single X screen as explained in the nVidia Readme file in APPENDIX I (CONFIGURING TWINVIEW). Then I configured XF86Config as explained in APPENDIX I (CONFIGURING TWINVIEW) and APPENDIC R (CONFIGURING MULTIPLE X SCREENS ON ONE CARD). I even tried the Option ConnectedMonitor "CRT, DFP", but it didn't help. I'll attach my XF86Config file, maybe someone arround had simmilary problems or discovers something I've overseen and can help me with some suggestions what I should change in the config file.
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