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Default Re: Alternative to PerfLevelSrc (specifically for 8400M GS)

Hi, I'm using pclinuxos and am trying to get this script to work. Installing the companion script creates the 4 files in /etc/acpi but the files in /tmp are not being created. Running the first script gets me this "line 1: $: command not found." In the folder acpi there are no other files. There are two folders labelled events and actions. There are no files in actions either. In events there are two files named power and sleep that look like this
event=button/power (PWR.|PBTN)
action=/usr/sbin/pmsuspend memory
Just giving you an idea of how pclinuxos handles this as I sense it is different than ubuntu.

If you can't help me the script maybe you can help me with setting the perfLevelsrc option correctly. In /etc/modprobe.d there is no file called "options"
From what I understand I am supposed to add this line to that file
options nvidia NVreg_RegistryDwords="PerfLevelSrc=0x2222"
Should I create the file options and add that line or do I need to do something different.
Thanks for the help.
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