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Default rmannstaedt...

I likewise find respect in anyone who is honestly willing to see another persons point of view. Cheers to you

I seem to concur with you fully. I make no issue of the Inquirer’s overall conclusion in the said article. I only take issue with one sentence. I would also note, that the reason that I got drawn into this thing in the first place was because Nvnews had reported that (I believe) had reported that the Inquirer had “reported” that PC Watched “claimed” something. Mind you, the only thing that was reported on was the content of the sentence that I took issue with. At any rate, I analyzed the situation, found fault, and determined that that fault lied with the Inquirer. I’m not sure yet to what effect my efforts have actually been.

I guess this is just a lesson to us all of how rumors can get started.

Anyway, but of luck to you,

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