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Originally posted by Geforce4ti4200
dont think thatll happen for a while and if it does, agp to pci express bridge and no problem, also 13678 3D Marks in 3DMark2K1 on a 9700 pro overclocked? LOL Ill be eating that score on a ti4200 once I buy a faster one, I should break 14k easy and if I oc my cpu to 2.4GHz where your cpu happens to be, ill be in the mid to high 14k. The ti4200 should not be underestimated, I beat you in everything but nature and close in dragothic. with my new ti4200 ill eat you in everything and be close to you in nature. The good thing is you get free fsaa and af which I never use anyway

"Why would you use Ti4200 on a brand new 5Ghz Intel Pentium"

to run games at blistering fps, silly

"By the time we have 5Ghz CPU's video cards will be 5x times faster then Ti4200"

show me a video card thatll get 5 times the 15k my ti4200 will get, thats 75k marks dude........

my friend says somethings wrong with your rig cause you cant break 14k on an oced 9700 pro
1. My score would be high too if my FSB was overclocked out the ying yang. My FSB is at stock speeds (133MHz). Yours is overclocked.

2. Whats your 3D Mark 2003 score again???....thank you

If you read into my sig you'll see that I have a Dell. Unfortunately for me I cannot overclock my FSB. My Radeon 9700 Pro is already CPU/FSB limited, so overclocking the GPU/Memory does very little for the score with my current setup. Now had I had a overclockable mobo, I'd eat your score and your friends score.

One more thing...turn some AA/AF at max quality and see if you score what I score in 3D Mark 2003 with 6xAA/16xqAF... ...son I will always score higher in 3DMark2003 with AA/AF at max then youll score with quality as the lowest settings...pWNED

Run 3DMark 2001 with max AA/AF at 1280x1024 and see what you get?

YOU WERE PWNED mulitple times in the same thread....
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