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Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Yep, Insane (or 1nsane) was awesome. Excellent for LAN play because of the wide open terrain and the huge variety of vehicles. My brother and I used to play it with some of the bonus downloadable vehicles we found. One time we had air planes flying around and wrecking into guys on 4 wheelers.

My favorite thing to do was to go on the map that had a perfect straight road across it. Since the maps wrapped around you could just gun it and go down the road forever and accelerate to your top speed. We had a tiny turbo-charged sports car doing several laps to build up speed and then drove a gigantic off road truck (8 wheels I think) into its path... those vehicles got so twisted and messed up. It was awesome.

I need to find this game again.
Nice I have to check that game out then. thanks
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