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Default Re: Petition : Please release the source code for legacy nvidia cards

Originally Posted by Niva
Nvidia should OSS legacy card support! Please do it! There's no reason NOT to do it!
right, there is no single reason, there are several.

Most of them have allready been mentioned in this thread,
about intellectual property, OpenGL implementation and such.

If you read the thread again without a blindfold on you should find the lines I am talking about.

I would love to see a good open source driver, but looking at the ati open source ones
I prefer a good closed source driver over a crappy OSS one.

As I already said in this forum: there is no auto benefit in opening the drivers.
Writing hardware, especially GPU, drivers is really hard. Even the intel open source drivers are mainly coded by Xorg people paid by intel.

If you have a look at the ati OSS driver developer list:
again, most people get a monthly paycheck for doing this.

So trying to force nvidia doesn't help at all, writing with a bigger font does neither,
same goes for comparing nvidia to microsoft with the ridiculous statement that they don't care for customers.

And having a look over the last 20 threads or so
about 70% of the problems are layer 8 related,
15% more for 3rd party hard- or software,
rest is nvidia and usually gets fixed.


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