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Default Re: Petition : Please release the source code for legacy nvidia cards

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy
Do you really believe nouveau will offer anything compareable to the binary nvidia drivers anytime soon (next 3-5 years)?
I do so...

The have even problems with 2D, where my NV18 is able to do 1,5mio subpixel-aa'ed glyphs per second with the binary drivers, and 80.000 with nouveau.
Think about it this way...

Two years ago at FOSDEM they had someone talking about "creating a nvidia driver by reverse engineering".

They knew nothing about the internals of the cards, the nv driver was nearly useless... they even had to create their own reverse engineering tools.

Last year at FOSDEM they were really proud that they had glxgears running on a card... doing this with hardware as complex as a graphics card is DAMN difficult.

This year at FOSDEM they had RANDR1.2 running (autom. detection of monitors) and could play openarena... they have some kind of acceleration for nearly ALL nvidia cards, they can play video on many cards.

This year we will finally get TTM (a memory manager for graphics cards in the kernel) and Gladium3D, a framework for modern 3D drivers in linux.

I would not be surprised if the nv driver would be removed from X11 at the end of this year... and I think we will get a really fine driver at the next FOSDEM...

the 8xxx and 9xxx (the later one is more a marketing name) will be a problem (because they are a "break" in nvidias card designs, but the rest might be really nice.
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